Macro Calculations

What are Macros? Macros, short for Macronutrients, are nutrients required in large amounts to provide energy, maintain growth, metabolism and other bodily functions. These nutrients are Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates and Alcohol. It is not advised to get calories from alcohol as it does not provide any nutritional value.

When tracking macros you are tracking the grams of each macro with a goal of hitting those numbers almost perfectly, anywhere between +/- 5g is considered a successful day.

When your macros are calculated you will be provided with your recommended amount of Protein, Carbs and Fats and advised on how to calculate alcohol into your macronutrients if you so choose.

Weight loss, muscle gain and even maintenance is a numbers game – calories in vs. calories out and where those calories are coming from is important as well. Your body will change which means we will need to adjust your macros as well. Your calculations can be adjusted two times at no additional charge.

*Please note that you must already be tracking your caloric intake for 1-2 weeks (1 week minimum) in order for me to provide you with your macros.

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