Protein Doughnuts

Yes, you read that right. PROTEIN. DOUGHNUTS! Yay!!!

There’s nothing better than finding a healthy alternative to one of your favorite foods. Sometimes it’s a bust but sometimes, it’s delicious!!

I’ve seen these all over IG and had to give them a shot. They are baked and they have many flavor options but the two pictured here are Cookie Butter and Cake Batter. They’re pretty damn good! They come disassembled as you see here, the actual baked doughnut is the same for each and the toppings are what makes them different. The doughnut itself sort of resembles the flavor of a cinnamon roll. Very satisfying without the guilt.


Doughnut ONLY

150 Calories

4g Fat

16g Carbs

2g Fiber

3g Sugar

11g Protein

Cake Batter Glaze w/Sprinkles

29 Calories

1g Fat

5g Carbs

5g Sugar

Cookie Butter Glaze w/Fudge Goldfish

41 Calories

1g Fat

8g Carbs

7g Sugar

PROTEIN doughnuts from @doughbardoughnuts

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