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Dear Whole30, I hate you!

   Week one is done. I’m so tired of cooking, 7 days x 3 meals a day = too damn long in the kitchen.

What’s this Whole9 I’ve read about? I can handle two more days as opposed to 23.

I’m feeling tired, moody, in need of wine, tired, angry, and all around not happy. I haven’t had any cravings so I think my crankiness is 100% related to being a slave to the kitchen. I haven’t cheated either although I think about it often.

I need a new plan for week two. Bulk cooking maybe. 

What you’ve missed…

Day 4: My headache had disappeared finally and mentally I felt fine. But…. I tweaked my neck working out and was in tears thinking I needed to rush to the ER.

Excruciating pain but it’s getting better with heat and stretching.

Day 5: I rested a lot this day, movement was not my friend. Meals went fine.

Day 6: Enter hormonal breakdown. I cannot explain what happened but I broke into tears about 4 times that day. Actually I can explain, I think I was feeling overwhelmed. I am responsible for feeding 1 husband, 3 kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat each day. Oh, and myself. And having different meals for almost every human in the house had become too much.

A nice talk with the Hubs and I was feeling better. And sometimes some people are just going to have to fend for themselves.

And today is day 7 and you all are obviously aware of my current feelings. I’m hoping to sleep the Whole30 negativity away and wake up ready to tackle week two.

Whole 30 – Days 2 and 3

Day 2 (yesterday) was miserable. I woke up feeling like I killed a bottle of vodka the night before but instead I went to bed early to avoid any late night cravings. I had a headache from hell that is still sticking around today but isn’t nearly as bad.

Day 3 – I find myself just wanting to take the easy route to filling my belly – a pre-packaged breakfast sandwich, bread and deli meat for lunch, and fast food crap for dinner.

The amount of cooking I’ve done in the last 2-1/2 days is the equivalent to what I do in a week. I have to admit though, everything tastes pretty damn good (pats self on back), and tonight we’re having steak! Yum!

I haven’t had any slips and have ZERO intentions on quitting this program.

The best part of today has been watching my husband, who is doing Whole30 with me. He is so disciplined and everything comes very easy to him. Yesterday I wanted to punch him in the FACE because he was so happy and this is “so easy” and I was miserable! But today (mwahahaha…) he woke up as I did on Day 2 and he was a big baby about it. I kind of celebrated privately a bit. Shhhh! It’s nice to see that he is indeed human and if I have to suffer with anyone, I’m happy it’s with him, and he’s suffering a bit too.

Here he is admiring all the goodies we can’t drink. 😉 Just kidding! He’s putting the doors back on the bar because the baby is officially a crawler.

I will keep y’all updated on the Whole30 fun. Happy Memorial Day/Weekend!

Whole30 Day One – DONE!

Holy hell I did a lot of cooking today. A couple of the items were just made to make life easier this week.

✔️ Homemade Mayonnaise 

✔️ Homemade Tomato Sauce

✔️ Homemade Ranch Dressing

Breakfast was a frittata with onion, tomato and spinach, not my favorite. Lunch and Dinner are shown below.



Spaghetti squash where have you been all my life!? Insanely delicious and I swear it tastes just like regular spaghetti pasta. Especially when you top it with tomato sauce and ground meat. Yum!

I got the recipe out of the Whole30 book. That recipe alone made the book worth it.

Maybe this “restart” won’t be so bad after all.

But I’m Italian…

Don’t I need carbs in order to survive? Well, starting Thursday and continuing for 30 days, my delicious carbs in the form of pizza dough, cinnamon buns, and pasta drenched in Alfredo sauce, will be replaced with the natural carbs found in fruits and other foods.

Here enters Whole30, a little nutritional restart (or I guess you can call it a diet) for my mind and my body.

I need this and I need to be committed to it. Thankfully, my wonderful hubby has agreed to join me and will be my co-complainer when things get rough, and my assistant chef when I’ve had my fill of cooking.

I was introduced to Whole30 for the first time when my sister-in-law tried it. She had great results and admitted it was tough but she was able to stick to it and she raved about how much better she felt. And she looks wonderful too, though she already did in my opinion.

I’ve spent the last 4 days researching, prepping, cleaning out the pantry and fridge, designating shelves for Brad and I for Whole30 approved foods and creating a weeks worth of meals (mostly those recommended in the Whole30 book) and getting my shopping list in order.

Tomorrow, I will (hopefully) get all my grocery shopping done followed by a large meal of something terrible for me and rounding out my evening with a bottle of wine. NO WINE on this damn thing! 😢

Charley’s Talking – Video!!!

And crawling is just around the corner. ❤️

It’s One of Those…


I don’t give a fuck, nights. The baby is sleeping, my wine glass is extra full, it’s currently 9:07pm, and I’m already in bed watching You’ve Got Mail for the 109th time.

My mind will not shut down so I’m hoping by the time I can see the bottom of that wine glass, my “secret weapon” would have done it’s job and I can sleep soundly until awaken by Thing number 3.

This is also proof that I don’t blog while drunk, the glass is still full. The two glasses prior to the one pictured don’t count because they weren’t nearly as bountiful. 

And what’s clogging my mind and hindering my ability to sleep? Three words – Mother. In. Law.

Maybe I’ll speak on that in the future. 

If I’m not back before Sunday, Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely Moms out there. ❤️

How to NOT Strangle Your Teenage Son


That title is more of a question than a statement. This is my 13 year old son who has become a major headache lately. He is as sweet as can be, great manners, and has what I would categorize as a pretty normal love/hate relationship with his 7 year old sister. Charley, his baby sister, he adores and he’s a great big brother and helper when it comes to her.

The Problem:

He’s lazy. And his laziness and him living in La-La Land most of the time has brought him to where we are now… 17 missing assignments in school, one F, three C’s and two A’s, in PE and Art of course. The missing assignments have slowly increased over the last few months and despite me monitoring what is due each day and what gets done, for some reason that number keeps growing.

We’ve had meetings with his counselors, meetings with all his teachers with the exception of Art and PE and we all agree, he is so much better than his grades and his excuses seem to be of a boy who just doesn’t care enough. We’ve incorporated dry erase boards that show what’s due, when its due, and the level of importance. We have clipboards for each class that show upcoming work, completed work and things he needs help on. We’ve had a tutor both in person and online for Algebra, we’ve organized more binders than I can count and we’ve placed sticky notes upon sticky notes all over the place. And all that doesn’t include me being this bug in his ear reminding him of everything each day.

He’s had everything taken away, over and over again. His phone, his iPad Mini, TV, xBox, playing outside with friends. He has got to be miserable yet he still keeps slacken’ off!

Part of me thinks this is just typical teenage boy crap but I just can’t get him to snap out of it. I don’t know what to do anymore but I’m pretty sure I’m looking more forward to Summer than he is, I need the break.

Can anyone relate and if so, what worked for you?

Happy Umm…

Weekend! This girl is happy for no reason in particular. I hope you all had a great Saturday no matter what it involved and wishing you an even better tomorrow.

How about a pic? This morning I actually painted my face and attempted to fix my hair, something other than the “thrown up in a hair tie messy kind of bun” look. I did a bit of a poof which the hubs hates so I made a “MEGA poof” to throw him off.

Ridiculous huh! Turns out, he liked it. Mentioned something about X-Men or something. Oh! And also something about There’s Something About Mary when she had semen in her hair. Awesome! Semen hair was exactly what I was going for.
Love to all!



I’m Sexy and I know it!

Not really. =)

But this photo makes me feel like I still have a little sumthin’ sumthin’. Not all sexy but there’s a little in there and I feel like my body looks pretty OK.


Myself and the little Monkey, who’s name is Charley and she’s a girl. Don’t be confused by the name. Precious as can be with a side of super bitch, kinda like her mama. ;-)

Anyway…if I get up the nerve there will be a very honest post coming soon about weight, food addiction, binging and purging and so on.

I’ve been racking my brain to remember who I shared this blog with. I knew when I started it, it was only the people I thought highly of and had great respect and trust in that I shared the link with. I wanted few people who actually knew me to know about this.

We shall see what happens with that honesty nerve and if any REAL shit comes through.

Until then, good night beautiful people.

What’s Been Happenin’!

Since my last, last posting on February 11th, there have been a few things you’ve missed.

The family is fine and doing well. The littlest peanut just turned 7 months and she’s doing great and developing such a personality. The middle nut is planning quite the bash for her 8th birthday in June. We’re way early on planning but so far we have a dog theme with high heel cupcakes (that I will make) and I purchased about 50 bags of Easter grass to throw all over the formal area which will be turned into the Dance/Shake Yo’ Booty floor. Oh and balloons, can’t forget the balloons. See a problem here? The dog theme doesn’t really go with everything else that she wants. We’ll see what ends up happening. Maybe a girly party with dog inspired goodies?

The teenager, he’s doing well. He has grown taller than my 5’9” stature and taps in at about 5’11. Shit! He’s expensive too. His grades are good and his attitude is the same which is all I can ask of a 13 year old boy.

The Hubs is fine and spends as much time as possible soaking up all of our crazy. He’s still trying to convince me that we need to have “just one more baby” but as of now, that shit isn’t happening. No way!

On to Moi. All and all, I am well. Since being gone I went back to work after my maternity leave and about 6 weeks later, I ended up quitting my job to be a stay-at-home Mom. Which has made raising 3 kids and yelling at 3 dogs a bit easier. My work hours were 11am – 8pm Monday thru Friday and although I worked from home, the hours made me miss a lot of time with my family.

I said goodbye to the little blue happy pill for my postpartum depression and I’m doing great. The working out and clean eating is hit and miss, weight is a daily struggle but bettering my body and more importantly, my mind, is in the works. It’s tough looking back to my fit body and now looking at my “fit under the fat” body, and not be frustrated. But it is what it is and I think for the first time in my life I am making myself be patient with the progress.

And if having 3 kids, 3 dogs, and 1 big kid, aka The Hubs, wasn’t enough, we’re getting a kitten. LOL! Just typing that shit makes me laugh and think that I’m fucking nuts! SHE (the soon-to-be only female non-human in the house), is a Siberian because the hubs is allergic to cats. HA! Apparently, Siberians are somewhat hypo-allergenic and after Hubs met with the kitty and rubbed her all over him, no reaction. So it was a done deal. Hopefully when she gets home with us no allergies will pop up but we have a bit of a window to see how it goes.

If the above isn’t crazy enough, I also want to try to toilet train the cat. Have you heard of that? I never knew about it until my friend did it with her cats but I figured if there was a chance to not have to have litter, or scoop litter, I’d give it a shot. Yes, crazy, I know.

Here’s the new family member to be. We don’t have a name for her yet but Millie is top on the list. Name suggestions are welcomed and encouraged. I like the name Wicked too for some reason but no one else in the fam digs it. And Tuna, I just think that name is funny. :)

Mulan c-2 (1)


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