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New hair and Pics I L.O.V.E.


Hair Opinions WANTED!!

So you guys know this means you actually have to comment. 😜

The left pic is my current red in its fresh and vibrant state, and the right pic is a color that I love but I don’t think I can pull off, at least not everyday. 

According to hubs, it’s “REALLY RED!”, but that’s kind of what I love about it. 

Opinions please. Should I play it safe and stick with my normal red, or scare the hell out of people for the next few months with really red?

This Boobs for You!


Short and sweet.

I’ve never been a big sap when it comes to the end of my nursing journey with any of my kids. I look at it as providing the best possible nourishment for my baby and when they’re done, they’re done.

Charley just reached 9 months of age about a week ago and she is slowing giving my boobie juice the cold shoulder. Or most likely, our nursing sessions have lessened and my supply is depleting thus pissing her off and trying her patience when it comes time for milk. 

Bottle? “Yes please!” And she takes formula without a second thought because there is plenty and no wait (let down). Have you tasted formula? I have and it’s terrible! So she must be desperate.

This baby, baby number three, I’m a little sad to say goodbye to our bonding moment of nourishment while I smell her adorable stinky (not-so-stinky) feet as she smacks them in my face while popping my nearest bra strap on my chest. 

I’m not sure why I’m sad or why I’ll miss our moments. Maybe it’s because that’s always been something only I could provide. She’s growing up, still loves and desires her mommy more that anyone else but, she doesn’t need her mommy anymore.

It goes TOO fast. With a 13 year old son that I birthed at the young age of 19, I know, and I can say from absolute experience that my babies are just growing way too fast. 

Deuces Whole30!


Whole30 has been over for a few days now for Brad and I and with his birthday and Father’s Day this past week, we certainly had our indulgences. 

So much so that someone gained 9lbs back in 4 days (not me). LOL! I indulged a little less. 

We have decided to stick with a mostly Whole30 lifestyle because we really had great results. Brad lost 16lbs and I lost 13lbs and 7″ all together. Not too shabby! 

So the picture above is dinner, Turkey Burgers, and the kids got to have their delicious Arby’s curly fries with it but the Hubs and I ate the above version. All Whole30 compliant with the exception of the cheese. Oh cheese, how I’ve missed you so.

Lips Sealed!


I signed a contract tonight so I can no longer speak about the show. If for some reason I am not chosen, I will let you guys know. If you hear nothing, assume I’m in. 😜

Jillian Michaels Show and Whole30

Today is day 28 of 30 and tomorrow is the Hubby’s birthday. We’ve done well but we will be ending our Whole30 on day 29 at approximately 6pm when we go out to dinner. I think that’s close enough.

It was a good experience and we both plan to keep up the changes we’ve made to our diets. I’ll have my stats tomorrow when I weigh in and take my measurements.

On to the really good stuff!!!

I was waiting on a phone call to see if I had been chosen for the show and SURPRISE! I got the call this past Monday. 

I had to schedule about four appointments in preparation for the show – physicals, fittings, etc and they’re saying this is the last phase of casting but it sounds like it’s a done deal and I’m on the show. I’m sure they want to make sure all is kosher with the physical and other stuff before the big, You’ve been chosen!

Appointment one was done this morning, blood work and urine. Hopefully this appointment isn’t indicative of what’s to come…

Out to LA at 6am to avoid traffic, Waze app took me 10 miles away from where I was supposed to be, rerouted and found my way. SUV too big for parking garage (sorry luggage rack), man wondering around parking garage saving spots, I park in one of his 30 spots and politely told him to “bite me!” and I’ll be out in 20 minutes. The “lab” is in the penthouse of the building, I get excited but wasn’t greeted with champagne when the elevator doors open. Bummer! I deposit my requested fluids and haul ass to the parking garage praying my tires haven’t been slashed. See spot holder as I arrive at P3 and say “told ya!” and throw up ✌🏼️. Spend 10 minutes trying to find my way out of the parking garage maze of hell and when I see the exit and the lady standing there to take my ticket I praise the Lord. Attendant Lady says “did you pay the cashier?” “What cashier?”, I ask. “The one on P1.” 

Jimminy Crickets!!! 

I park in a reserved spot near elevators, go to P1, pay the cashier and get my validated ticket and head back to my car. Arrive at car and a parking garage rent a cop points out the reserved sign. Yes, I saw it, I was here 5 minutes, maybe put the “cashier” which is a machine, right in front of the exit and BAM! problem solved.

I’m reminded why I hate parking in LA.

Despite the above, I’m thankful for where I’m at in this experience and looking forward to my wardrobe fitting tomorrow. 😄

A Little Hint….


So that’s good news! Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Two Weeks Complete


This is as thrilling as it gets in the beverage department here in the Jones household. We’ve completed 2 weeks of Whole30 and today I had to weigh myself for something important, and I peeked at the scale. 

Down 10lbs exactly. 

Here’s to another 10 in the remaining 2 weeks. 

P.S. The “something important” has to do with weight loss, fitness, and a television show. 😜

Dear Whole30, I hate you!

   Week one is done. I’m so tired of cooking, 7 days x 3 meals a day = too damn long in the kitchen.

What’s this Whole9 I’ve read about? I can handle two more days as opposed to 23.

I’m feeling tired, moody, in need of wine, tired, angry, and all around not happy. I haven’t had any cravings so I think my crankiness is 100% related to being a slave to the kitchen. I haven’t cheated either although I think about it often.

I need a new plan for week two. Bulk cooking maybe. 

What you’ve missed…

Day 4: My headache had disappeared finally and mentally I felt fine. But…. I tweaked my neck working out and was in tears thinking I needed to rush to the ER.

Excruciating pain but it’s getting better with heat and stretching.

Day 5: I rested a lot this day, movement was not my friend. Meals went fine.

Day 6: Enter hormonal breakdown. I cannot explain what happened but I broke into tears about 4 times that day. Actually I can explain, I think I was feeling overwhelmed. I am responsible for feeding 1 husband, 3 kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat each day. Oh, and myself. And having different meals for almost every human in the house had become too much.

A nice talk with the Hubs and I was feeling better. And sometimes some people are just going to have to fend for themselves.

And today is day 7 and you all are obviously aware of my current feelings. I’m hoping to sleep the Whole30 negativity away and wake up ready to tackle week two.

Whole 30 – Days 2 and 3

Day 2 (yesterday) was miserable. I woke up feeling like I killed a bottle of vodka the night before but instead I went to bed early to avoid any late night cravings. I had a headache from hell that is still sticking around today but isn’t nearly as bad.

Day 3 – I find myself just wanting to take the easy route to filling my belly – a pre-packaged breakfast sandwich, bread and deli meat for lunch, and fast food crap for dinner.

The amount of cooking I’ve done in the last 2-1/2 days is the equivalent to what I do in a week. I have to admit though, everything tastes pretty damn good (pats self on back), and tonight we’re having steak! Yum!

I haven’t had any slips and have ZERO intentions on quitting this program.

The best part of today has been watching my husband, who is doing Whole30 with me. He is so disciplined and everything comes very easy to him. Yesterday I wanted to punch him in the FACE because he was so happy and this is “so easy” and I was miserable! But today (mwahahaha…) he woke up as I did on Day 2 and he was a big baby about it. I kind of celebrated privately a bit. Shhhh! It’s nice to see that he is indeed human and if I have to suffer with anyone, I’m happy it’s with him, and he’s suffering a bit too.

Here he is admiring all the goodies we can’t drink. 😉 Just kidding! He’s putting the doors back on the bar because the baby is officially a crawler.

I will keep y’all updated on the Whole30 fun. Happy Memorial Day/Weekend!


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