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Yes, it’s THAT serious!


 Fat Free Yogurt/Natural Peanut Butter/Half Banana

Measure! Measure! Measure!

I am keeping a tight grip on my calories and more importantly, what types of food enter my body.

I think there are two versions of clean eating.

Version One:

You stay within your calorie count each day but you still add salt to your food, use condiments when you want, and dine on delicious Fiber One Bars and Skinny Cow Fudge Pops. You still eat multiple small meals a day rather than a few larger meals and you stick to leaner meats, salads and all that crap.

This is the version I was doing for the last 2 weeks and during that time I had 2 cheat meals.

Version Two:

Your grocery list consists of tilapia, cod, tuna, turkey breast, oatmeal (barf!), eggs…lots of eggs, broccoli, asparagus, avocados, cottage cheese (double barf!), sweet potato, natural everything, yogurt, almonds, protein powder and so on. Oh and lastly, no cheat meals. :(

This is the version I have started today and the one I will stay on for the next 60 days until my local competition comes to an end.

The first 2 weeks were sort of an intro phase, now this shit is real. Even though I’m participating in these competitions and using them as a motivator to get my butt in gear and becoming the me I once was, winning would be fuckin’ awesome!

Meal preps to come.

Monday Morning Weigh-In

I’m one week in and weighed in this morning. I am down 4 pounds. My feelings about that number are …. ehhhh…it’s ok. It was week one and I know a few adjustments that need to be made in order to make improvements.

My weigh-in for my second competition is early Thursday morning and that’s the local one. I will have a nice cheat meal the evening before to pack on a wee-bit before the weigh-in.

On another note, this is my last week on Maternity leave. Lucky for me though, I work from home and I will have family here watching the littlest one. I will still be able to spend the mornings with her and still be able to stick to our nighttime routine. I’ll just miss all the cranky in-between. To me, I’m not going back to work, I’m going on vacation. Working is a cake walk compared to raising 3 children full-time.

Happy Monday All!


Day 3 – Video

I’m being lazy, not typing today just a video. :)

I am No Stranger to Clean Living and Exercise


And I am somewhat educated in diet and exercise thanks to my time as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. But I still LOVE food!

Today is only halfway over but it’s been much easier than yesterday. I just need to kick this headache which doesn’t seem to want to go away. Probably because I’ve stopped drinking my morning coffee.

Day 1 – I Survived

Today was day one of being back on the clean eating and workout train. I survived but wanted to give up about 9 times throughout the day. Especially when I see this cutie eating brownies in the kitchen…

photo 3-4

I downed more than 101 ounces of water which equates to about 12 glasses and went to the restroom to pee about every 7 minutes. Seriously. My meals were clean, small, and frequent and I managed to get a workout in before Noon. Which, with an almost 4 month old, is pretty damn good.

I am exhausted. Mentally mostly and that’s due to the constant pep talks I was giving myself today. “Remember why you’re doing this, Sarah.” and “Think about Summer and wearing shorts and Oh shit! A bathing suit.” and “You can do this! Don’t give and up.” and “You have to start sometime so it might as well be now.”

I was surprised at how difficult today was. I thought for sure it would be a breeze since you really don’t feel the effects on the first day. But nevertheless, I made it and that’s all that really matters I guess. Sure I thought about eating the whole pan of brownies and wiping out the candy drawer in one sitting but I didn’t. :)

All I really want now is a big ass glass pitcher of wine.

Last Day to Play

Today is the last day before my 90-day challenge begins tomorrow. The 60-day competition begins on the 24th but I’m going to have a 12 day jump on that one. My weigh-in stats will be a bit lower for that one but I think I’ll still make enough of a change to have a shot at winning.

I have weighed, measured, and obtained my BMI and BFP which can all be seen HERE. I also took Before photos but I am just too embarrassed to post them here. Even though I doubt anyone reads this, I’m just not ready to let others see how much I’ve let myself go. I haven’t even showed them to the Hubs.

For my final cheat meal (at least until I have another cheat meal after a complete 2 weeks of clean eating), I think I’ll be having Sushi. A lot of it!

Fitting in my workouts around my very demanding (almost) 4 month old will be challenging but I will make it work. I’m ready to whip this body back into shape.

Wish me luck and a whole lot of determination and temptation resistance.

It’s 7:16am here…


And I’m prepping for what will likely be the most difficult and disciplined 90 days of my life. With Chocolate Cake, The Big Book of Exercise, and a workout chart of course.

So I’m back. In the time I’ve been away I have experienced divorce, engagement and marriage to a wonderful man, pregnancy and delivery (she’s almost 4 months old), I’ve purchased a new home in a new area and I have pretty much started a whole new life.

Also during that time I packed on a whole lot of happy weight. It is certainly time to get things back to their pre-baby-number-three form. And what better way to do that than with a couple of fitness competitions.

I am participating in the 200K Challenge and the Afterburn 20K Challenge. The Afterburn Challenge is local so I’ll only be going up against peeps in my area. I believe the Bodybuilding Challenge is US and Canada but I’m not too sure.

There is a lot of work to come, both physical and mental. The workouts are easy, it’s the eating that I have some trouble with. Hence the chocolate cake for breakfast. But today is Friday and I begin my challenge on Monday so I’m getting in all my edible desires now. There are certainly more on the list throughout the weekend.

So why am I back? Well, I love to write and it has for a long time been an outlet for me for any frustration, stress and even happiness that I carry and need to get out. I expect a lot of all of that in the near future so here I am.

More to come. Love to ALL!

My Yorkie Survived a Pit Bull Attack Yesterday

I have been the bearer of bad news lately, haven’t I?

<~~~ This is my Yorkie Max,  he is 6-1/2 years old and we have owned him since he was a pup.

About a week ago I was asked if I could dog sit for a friend of a friend. The dog was described to me as being a mixed rescue dog who is great with all people, children, and other dogs big and small.

I agreed to help out as I love animals and didn’t see the harm in my dogs having a new playmate for the next few weeks. I told the lady that as long as it got along with my dogs, I would have no problem watching her.

The lady who owned the dog, along with a dog trainer who was sent along to assist with the introduction process, came to my house yesterday. We first took out Lola, my Great Dane, to go for a walk alongside the Pit. They did well and there was just some sniffing and that was about it.

We then introduced Max to the Pit, I had already informed the lady that Max is a very hyper dog when someone new is around and he’ll probably try to lick the dogs face. The lady informed me that they have had rambunctious puppies near the Pit and it was never a problem. Even still, we went on the walk again but this one went much different.

The Pit was extremely interested in Max and probably feeding off of his excited energy. I don’t think it helped that the other dog was not only out of his element but also very stressed with this experience. After many warnings from the trainer to the lady who owned the dog telling her to “don’t let her touch him”, she let the leash slack too much and before you know it, that bitches teeth were clenched down on Max’s throat.

First let me say, I made my kids stay away during this entire process because I knew we didn’t need any other energy involved. I am so grateful I did that.

So here we are in someone’s driveway 4 houses down from mine. Max is in the Pit’s mouth and her teeth are clenched so tight there is no prying them open. I tried and so did the trainer. I can’t say what the owner of the dog was doing as I was holding on to Max and trying to pry that damn dog’s mouth open with all I had. The trainer was down on her knee’s with me and she was yelling at the lady, “Choke her out! Choke her out!” but I heard no response.

The trainer then began to beat on the Pit’s head to break her bite but she didn’t budge. Finally, she choked her and the Pit released Max.

I stood up and turned very quickly and hauled ass back to the house. Both Max and I we’re bleeding but he, of course, was much more injured than I. I got a towel for Max and wrapped him up and made the kids grab their shoes before we all piled into the trainer’s car so she could drive us to the nearest Animal Hospital.

Max was kept over night where they performed surgery to repair two lacerations in his neck. He was also bleeding from his eye and after putting him under they were better able to examine the eye where they found a scratch.

He is home now and doing ok. Yesterday and last night were miserable but I am happy to have him back and to know that he will make a complete recovery. He is a cone head at the moment which he seems to really hate but he has a drainage tube in his neck for the next 5 days and we must protect it. Along with that he is receiving antibiotics and eye drops. His blood was checked along with his internal organs and everything is OK there. Thank God!

I know that we are very lucky, this could have turned out much worse. Below are some pics of what my poor Momo’s (his nickname) looks like today.

This image is of the larger laceration and the drainage tube is also visible here. 

His hurt eye.

Sleeping with that cone on is not easy. Nor is eating, drinking and just walking.

Rough Disease Day

Sometimes I listen to the signs that my body needs a break.

Today was one of those days.

I’ve had numb toes, shooting pains, cramps in my legs while doing absolutely nothing! And the worst part of today, losing my vision on the left side of both eyes. While driving.

The vision loss has happened before and I was prepared for the migraine that pounded on my brain about 30 minutes after the initial vision loss. But driving through the mountains with the ability to only see the right side of everything, not fun! 

So today I laid off the gym and sort of took it easy. Hoping I wake up tomorrow pain free. Cross your fingers for me.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!

Hey! It’s July!

Hello everyone! I apologize for my prolonged absence but June was one crazy-ass month.

We are finally settling into our home in California and getting back into our normal routine. Over the past month I have…

1. Packed up all of our belongings in Houston and along with the Hubs, drove everything and everyone (two kids and two dogs) to California.

2. Had a birthday party for our little one, she turned 5.

3. Traveled to Honduras for 8 days and took multiple planes, buses, and taxi’s during our adventure. (Post and Pictures coming soon.)

4. Came back to California without my loving husband =( but he will be home in 38 days. Yay!

5. Went through a monumental amount of bullshit in regards to the tenants and how they left our house. Still ongoing.

6. Unpacked all of our belongs including the shipment from the movers who held all of our larger household items in storage.

There’s a butt-load of other things that I went through but I’ll touch on the specific’s in future posts.

The Good News

I only gained 3lbs. during all this vacationing, running around, and 3 weeks out of the gym. And even better, today I weighed in at 156lbs., that’s just one pound away from where I was before we left Houston. I have no idea how I managed to only gain 3lbs. because I was eating like a horse and drinks, can you say “All Inclusive”? I didn’t let the opportunity for free alcohol pass me by.

But I am back-at-it and working my ass off again. I am now the obvious “New Girl” at two of the gyms in town. I don’t like it nor do I care for either gym too much but I guess I’ll get used to it. I miss my Houston 24-Hour Fitness peeps. Everyone was awesome there.


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