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My Yorkie Survived a Pit Bull Attack Yesterday

I have been the bearer of bad news lately, haven’t I?

<~~~ This is my Yorkie Max,  he is 6-1/2 years old and we have owned him since he was a pup.

About a week ago I was asked if I could dog sit for a friend of a friend. The dog was described to me as being a mixed rescue dog who is great with all people, children, and other dogs big and small.

I agreed to help out as I love animals and didn’t see the harm in my dogs having a new playmate for the next few weeks. I told the lady that as long as it got along with my dogs, I would have no problem watching her.

The lady who owned the dog, along with a dog trainer who was sent along to assist with the introduction process, came to my house yesterday. We first took out Lola, my Great Dane, to go for a walk alongside the Pit. They did well and there was just some sniffing and that was about it.

We then introduced Max to the Pit, I had already informed the lady that Max is a very hyper dog when someone new is around and he’ll probably try to lick the dogs face. The lady informed me that they have had rambunctious puppies near the Pit and it was never a problem. Even still, we went on the walk again but this one went much different.

The Pit was extremely interested in Max and probably feeding off of his excited energy. I don’t think it helped that the other dog was not only out of his element but also very stressed with this experience. After many warnings from the trainer to the lady who owned the dog telling her to “don’t let her touch him”, she let the leash slack too much and before you know it, that bitches teeth were clenched down on Max’s throat.

First let me say, I made my kids stay away during this entire process because I knew we didn’t need any other energy involved. I am so grateful I did that.

So here we are in someone’s driveway 4 houses down from mine. Max is in the Pit’s mouth and her teeth are clenched so tight there is no prying them open. I tried and so did the trainer. I can’t say what the owner of the dog was doing as I was holding on to Max and trying to pry that damn dog’s mouth open with all I had. The trainer was down on her knee’s with me and she was yelling at the lady, “Choke her out! Choke her out!” but I heard no response.

The trainer then began to beat on the Pit’s head to break her bite but she didn’t budge. Finally, she choked her and the Pit released Max.

I stood up and turned very quickly and hauled ass back to the house. Both Max and I we’re bleeding but he, of course, was much more injured than I. I got a towel for Max and wrapped him up and made the kids grab their shoes before we all piled into the trainer’s car so she could drive us to the nearest Animal Hospital.

Max was kept over night where they performed surgery to repair two lacerations in his neck. He was also bleeding from his eye and after putting him under they were better able to examine the eye where they found a scratch.

He is home now and doing ok. Yesterday and last night were miserable but I am happy to have him back and to know that he will make a complete recovery. He is a cone head at the moment which he seems to really hate but he has a drainage tube in his neck for the next 5 days and we must protect it. Along with that he is receiving antibiotics and eye drops. His blood was checked along with his internal organs and everything is OK there. Thank God!

I know that we are very lucky, this could have turned out much worse. Below are some pics of what my poor Momo’s (his nickname) looks like today.

This image is of the larger laceration and the drainage tube is also visible here. 

His hurt eye.

Sleeping with that cone on is not easy. Nor is eating, drinking and just walking.

Rough Disease Day

Sometimes I listen to the signs that my body needs a break.

Today was one of those days.

I’ve had numb toes, shooting pains, cramps in my legs while doing absolutely nothing! And the worst part of today, losing my vision on the left side of both eyes. While driving.

The vision loss has happened before and I was prepared for the migraine that pounded on my brain about 30 minutes after the initial vision loss. But driving through the mountains with the ability to only see the right side of everything, not fun! 

So today I laid off the gym and sort of took it easy. Hoping I wake up tomorrow pain free. Cross your fingers for me.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July!

Hey! It’s July!

Hello everyone! I apologize for my prolonged absence but June was one crazy-ass month.

We are finally settling into our home in California and getting back into our normal routine. Over the past month I have…

1. Packed up all of our belongings in Houston and along with the Hubs, drove everything and everyone (two kids and two dogs) to California.

2. Had a birthday party for our little one, she turned 5.

3. Traveled to Honduras for 8 days and took multiple planes, buses, and taxi’s during our adventure. (Post and Pictures coming soon.)

4. Came back to California without my loving husband =( but he will be home in 38 days. Yay!

5. Went through a monumental amount of bullshit in regards to the tenants and how they left our house. Still ongoing.

6. Unpacked all of our belongs including the shipment from the movers who held all of our larger household items in storage.

There’s a butt-load of other things that I went through but I’ll touch on the specific’s in future posts.

The Good News

I only gained 3lbs. during all this vacationing, running around, and 3 weeks out of the gym. And even better, today I weighed in at 156lbs., that’s just one pound away from where I was before we left Houston. I have no idea how I managed to only gain 3lbs. because I was eating like a horse and drinks, can you say “All Inclusive”? I didn’t let the opportunity for free alcohol pass me by.

But I am back-at-it and working my ass off again. I am now the obvious “New Girl” at two of the gyms in town. I don’t like it nor do I care for either gym too much but I guess I’ll get used to it. I miss my Houston 24-Hour Fitness peeps. Everyone was awesome there.

Roller Skating Divas

NOTE: It is ill-advised to go roller skating the day after doing more than 150 lunges.

Today’s Thigh-Thrashing Workout

I will be floating in and out with my posts for the next month or so. We’ll be moving cross country in 3 weeks and then a week after that, the Hubs and I are taking a vacation. Alone. Yay!

But today, today was assault my thighs day.

The Workout:

- 12 Squats (40lb barbell)

- 16 Alternating Lunges (40lb barbell)

- 16 Left Leg Only Lunges

- 16 Right Leg Only Lunges

- 8 Alternating Lunges (40lb barbell)

- 20 Left Outer Thigh Lifts

- 20 Right Outer Thigh Lifts

- 20 Left Inner Thigh Lifts

- 20 Right Inner Thigh Lifts

- 20 Weighted Glute Bridges (60lb barbell) – 10 fast, 10 slow

- 20 Dumbbell (on your belly) Leg Curls (25lb dumbbell)

After you’ve completed the above, please follow the next steps carefully…

Die. Reincarnate Yourself. Repeat workout x3.

I hate nights like this…

When you sign up to be a military wife, you pretty much sign up for uncertainty for the rest of your life. Or for at least the rest of the time your husband is a member of the military.

I am lucky though. Even though my loving hubby is deployed, I am still able to talk to him pretty much daily. There are nights though, like tonight, where that isn’t the case.

I hate nights like tonight.

The Hubs and I spoke briefly this morning around 7am, I was still partially asleep after a long, restless night due to heavy rain and a 160lb Great Dane who is afraid of the slightest hint of the sound of rain. He informed me of his mission, we exchanged “I Love You’s” and after confirming when I should hear from him again, we ended our conversation.

It is less than an hour until the end of today and so far, no word from the Hubs. I hate this! I know he is fine. Probably stuck somewhere out of range of civilization, and more importantly, cell service!

The only reason why I’m not freaking out right now is because…Wait! Does this count as freaking out? Pouring my feelings out on a blog post in the middle of the night for the sole purpose of relieving my mind of the mini-torture it’s being put through at the moment.


The only reason why I’m not freaking out is because I definitely have “Military Wife Intuition”. There have been “issues” in the past where I felt that something wasn’t right, and during those times I would receive a call from the Hubs saying, “I’m OK but there was an accident”. Those moments confirmed that my senses were on point with this kind of thing.

So tonight, I am feeling no bad vibes but I still hate nights like this

I miss him.

New Kicks

Is it possible to be in love with a pair of shoes?

Well, I am.

After almost 2 weeks of foot pain, I broke down and bought a proper pair of training shoes. I did my research first and opted for a pair of the Nike Free TR Fit 2 in black. They have many colors and though you may not think they’re the prettiest shoes on the block, they are so damn comfortable and look great on your feet.

Today was, “How much random shit can I do at the gym” day and I put these shoes through the wringer. Racquetball, TRX Suspension Training, Strength Training, Plyometrics, Treadmill, everything! They passed.

They are light, flexible, comfortable and supportive. So far, so good!

And in some slight chance Nike is reading this fabulous plug, I am a 9.5. Any color is fine. Thank you!

Progress Pictures

After last months 2.5lb muscle loss, I had very little patience when it came to waiting for my next body fat check. I usually have it done once a month which would put me due for my next check on May 22nd, but I had it done yesterday.


I have no idea how accurate this is but it’s a 2% loss since April 22nd which seems a bit high to me. I’ve had the same trainer do it each time using a caliper and I know this method isn’t 100% accurate, but at least it’s moving in the right direction.

The main reason for the early check was to make sure that my decision to bump-up my protein intake, was a good one. And it was. According to the trainer who calculated my information from our last meeting, I lost fat and gained muscle simultaneously. Some of my fitness readers will disagree that this is possible, but I think it is. Difficult to accomplish, but with the right balance, I think it’s possible. Do I think I actually accomplished it? Who the hell knows.

On to the Progress Photos…

NOTE: These images are unedited. Just cropped a bit to remove a wall and then minimized so your screen isn’t overtaken by half-naked Sarah.

The leg cross thing is to hide my upper thigh area. Still working on that but I’m happy with the progress thus far.

Our Daily Bread

I had no intentions of bursting into flames today, so when I headed into the first stall at my doctor’s office today and saw this…

Strategically placed on the “tampon” trash can and the toilet paper holder, I immediately walked back out. But not before snapping some photos while quietly praying that no one walk in on me while doing so.

Gym tomorrow. Along with laundry and hopefully a half decent blog post.

Goodnight All!

Rough Patch

I’m still around but have been experiencing quite a bit of extra pain lately. It’s tolerable and doesn’t require anything extra like medication or a trip to the neurologist. Just some spinal cord related pain.

Taking it easy, however I am still going to the gym. So maybe I’m not really taking it easy.

I’ll write soon. =)


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